AI & Big Data platform
for circular bioeconomy

VCG finds targeted solutions for companies and entire value chains in seconds,
turning industrial residual materials into valuable resources.

75+ clusters | 350+ BioLinks | 1,000s of untapped circular opportunities

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Big Data & AI to develop and implement circular solutions

Find targeted circular solutions for companies, entire value chains and regions

Matching companies based on residual materials, identifying the right technology solutions and infrastructure opportunities

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Who is it for?


VCG for industry clusters, regional development agencies, business associations and circular economy networks.

Participate in Europe’s largest network for the development of circular bioeconomy & identify the right circular solutions for your members:

  • Map your network members and better understand their value chain challenges 
  • Support your members in adopting circular and bio-based business models with the use of AI technology
  • Expand your network by participating in a cross-regional collaboration network

Clusters welcome aboard!

All company networks joining VCG in 2022 get an annual license for free in this limited time offer.

Circular economy projects

VCG for collaborative projects focused on development & implementation of circular economy value chains and technologies

Ready-to-go AI & Big data platform for projects to bring results to market

Collect & share data about circular solutions, local industry, available infrastructure, previous project results, LCAs, and more, among project stakeholders

Use advanced AI & Machine Learning data processing to find and implement targeted circular value chains and circular infrastructure opportunities in select regions

Share project results with a Europe-wide network of organizations implementing circular bioeconomy solutions

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