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KOTO Waste Management

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Company KOTO, a prominent player in the waste management sector based in Slovenia, aimed to diversify and enhance its business model by exploring additional value streams. The idea of processing whey wastewater emerged as a potential avenue for expansion. However, the viability of this initiative hinged on a critical factor: the availability and quantity of whey wastewater within a 100 km radius of the KOTO plant. To mitigate the risks associated with investing in new whey water valorization technologies, a comprehensive feasibility study was essential. This study needed to assess not just the potential sources of whey but also the logistics and economic implications of sourcing and processing it at scale.


The Value Chain Generator® tool was deployed to tackle this challenge head-on. Through a meticulous mapping process, all dairy companies within the specified radius were identified, leading to the compilation of a prioritized list of potential whey suppliers. This prioritization was based on estimated supply quantities, providing a strategic framework for engagement.

Following the mapping, a direct outreach was conducted to these identified suppliers. This crucial step aimed to validate the preliminary estimates by confirming the actual quantities and quality of whey wastewater available, as well as gauging the suppliers’ openness to collaborate.

In parallel, the Value Chain Generator® facilitated connections between KOTO and relevant technology providers operating in the region. This strategic matchmaking ensured that the selected valorization technologies were not only compatible with the specific characteristics of the whey residuals but also optimized for efficiency and sustainability. Based on the available quantities and the CapEx estimates of individual technology investments they are now able to validate the most optimal business model for their portfolio.

This comprehensive approach provided KOTO with a clear understanding of the whey waste water landscape within the target radius, de-risking the investment into whey valorization technologies. By verifying the availability of raw materials and securing the right technological partnerships, Company KOTO positioned itself to successfully tap into a new value stream. 

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