Regions driving the green transformation

Resilient and growing regions

Circular value chains connect different industries for more value creation, profit, green jobs, investments, and less waste and emissions. 

Regional developers and municipalities are the best orchestrators of such win-win development.

From strategy to implementation

How to support the regional industry towards the green transformation without putting further pressure and constraints on their growth?

Leverage smart data insights to develop tailored circular economy actions plans for your region, stimulating both economic and net-zero development.


Organic waste is an overlooked opportunity costing the agri-food industry 4-5% of its total turnover.


1/4 of food’s GHG emissions is linked to waste. This is 6% of total global emissions.


55% of companies have already committed to circularity, but need help with the implementation.

How does it work?

Value Chain Generator® first assesses the most prevalent organic residuals in the region with the highest economic and climate impact.

The algorithm matches individual residuals with the most suitable technologies and business models for their value-adding transformation, as well as with the existing regional industries looking for these new secondary materials.

It gives you insights into the technologies, business models, and climate impacts to make optimal decisions and action plans towards development of the circular industry in your region.

The result is a Circular Opportunity Portfolio for the region. Our team fully takes care of sourcing the data, but can optionally also add your existing industry data points to the models.

Findings are presented through an expert-led workshop and a report. They are also accessible on the platform for further in-depth analysis.

Example of a Circular Solution for Regional Breweries

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