Maximise the value of organic residuals

Discover new sources of biomass

Residuals and waste represent limited but valuable resources in the 21st century.

Discover the industrial residuals available in your region along with the technologies and business models for their optimal valorisation.

Assure that your organisation remains effective and competitive in terms of environment, costs, and innovations.

Opportunities for diversification

With an ever-growing library of 150+ validated newest conversion technologies, Value Chain Generator® discovers new residuals valorisation opportunities specific to your location and expertise.

De-risk new projects and prioritise the potential investments with tailored techno-economic and climate analysis performed by AI, before investing in expensive studies and projects.


compares several business cases for more profitabile waste utilisation.


validates new technology investment with specific supply quantities available in their radius.

How does it work?

Value Chain Generator® first assesses the most prevalent organic residuals in the region with the highest economic and climate impact.

Value Chain Generator® maps all suppliers of organic residuals in a certain location or radius. These can be filtered based on the industry, residual type, and location.

Based on the locally available residuals it develops new investment opportunities and validates them with available quantities and market potential evaluations.

Value Chain Generator® also matches you with the leading experts and technology providers to bring new circular business opportunities to life.

Case studies

Discover how organisations and regions use Value Chain Generator® to achieve their goals.

Explore the possibilities

Let’s discuss how Value Chain Generator® can support you. 

It doesn’t matter how far you currently are on the decarbonisation journey, our team of experts will design a tailored holistic solution and work with you to meet your goals.