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Maximise the value and minimise the carbon footprint of by-products and waste

Value Chain Generator®

The Value Chain Generator® helps you turn organic by-products and waste into profitable assets which have a direct, positive impact on the climate.


A large brewery increased its profits from residuals by 120%, while hitting their waste reduction targets of 50%.


The circular economy model is estimated to reduce food emissions by 49% by 2050 (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2019).


A region in Germany is turning its harmful whey waste — which costs them 250 M € in waste management — into a new business opportunity.

How does it work?

The Value Chain Generator® detects the organic residuals which are most suitable for a value-adding transformation across all supply chains and regions.

It evaluates and de-risks each circular opportunity, leveraging global techno-economic and climate intelligence for over 400 conversion technologies and business models.

It also matches you with the right supply chain partners and technology providers for a successful execution of the circular business model.

The result is the most feasible, profitable and impactful circular solutions for each company, residual, and location.


Agri-food & wood industry companies which are looking to optimise their supply chains, by-products, and waste.


Organisations supporting the regional industries in efficient circular transformation.


Looking for new opportunities to turn organic by-products and waste into profit for your business.

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Just starting out? Already implementing the circular strategy?

No matter where you are currently on your decarbonisation journey, our team of experts will design a personalised implementation plan and work with you to meet your goals.

We can help you to

lead into a greener world with less waste and more value.


Decarbonise materials throughout their 
life cycle, from creation to their end-of-life.


Utilize your residuals better for more impact and less waste.


Transform overlooked residuals into new profitable revenue streams.


De-risk climate saving actions and investments by validating different scenarios and reducing reliance on raw materials.

Opinions about the Value Chain Generator®


We are collaborating with One Planet Business by WWF to holistically support companies in developing circular business models and value chains.

Based on the  Circular Business Assessment performed by WWF, the Value Chain Generator helps companies advance the valorisation of by-products and waste, as well as the uptake of circular materials.

Why act now?

The early movers turning underutilised residuals into green business are already seeing high returns.

Strategic circular investments are a rewarding business opportunity. However, they will soon become a dire necessity for every region and business.

Become one of the success stories of the green transformation!
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Whitepaper: Regional Developers as Leaders of the Circular Transformation

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