Use data to find & implement circular business models!

Manage circular economy data, find the right circular industry solutions and partner with those that will help you bring chosen solutions to life. 

Accelerate your journey towards circularity & achieve your climate targets with greater profitability!

Enabling circular 
bioeconomy at scale

Value Chain Generator (VCG.AI) finds sustainable solutions for industrial processes and entire value chains, turning industrial residual materials into valuable resources.

Accelerate your journey towards circularity, build circular value chains and achieve sustainable profitability.

Why should you go circular now?


Profit through circular solutions


regulatory risk


Reach 2030
climate targets

By committing to circular practices, your organisation can play a key role in driving this transformation and contributing to a more sustainable industry.


BioLink® Models



+3.5 Million

Company Network


Technology & support organisations

VCG.AI is the fastest time-to-value on the market for finding and validating the right circular technologies and business models to bring your circular opportunities to life.

VCG.AI will find the right supply chain, technology and knowledge partners to bring the new circular value chains and business models to life.

Our approach is based on a novel BioLink technology, which identifies the optimal solutions and partners for building circular value chains by analysing big data on companies, latest available technologies , proven value chain designs, regulatory requirements and more.

Embrace circularity in each role

Companies: Asses your circularity and discover the right technologies and value chain opportunities to de-risk and develop your circular business model

Key benefits:

Regional development: Support the regional transformation of the industry towards sustainable practices and accelerate the deployment of circular innovations

Key benefits:

VCG.AI is fitted for:

Circular innovators:

+100 validated circular technologies already in the VCG.AI network

As a technology provider you play an intrinsic part of the value chain, so reach out and present us:

  1. Your innovation and the value it delivers to your customers
  2. The impact of your solution and how it contributes to development of circular processes and value chains
  3. The business model of your solution

Got a circular solution?

Bio-based industries
are driving progress to a sustainable future!

Our network

75+ clusters

7 countries

We’re proud to work with Europe’s leading circular economy and bioeconomy clusters, regional development agencies, R&D organizations and industrial companies!

*VCG is currently marketed in 7 European countries, but our network reaches far beyond these countries.

VCG is recognised by Europe’s leading
climate accelerator programs and bioeconomy projects!

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