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Value Chain Generator identifies and assesses 1,000s of possible circular, resilient, and sustainable value chain opportunities faster than you can say “count me in!”



Get ahead with

Do it smart and fast

Discover targeted smart value chain matches for individual companies in only a few seconds, enabled by VCG.AI’s advanced AI and Machine Learning.

Go cross regional and cross-sectorial

Find value chain collaboration opportunities in regions and industry sectors outside your current reach.

Think big

Develop collaborative value networks connecting companies from various with yet undiscovered synergies.


Step 1

Resource stream mapping

Input and upload data about the company and its industry, activities, inputs, processes and outputs.

VCG.AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to read and understand websites, articles and documents to extract additional company data for even more accurate value chain matching.

Step 2

BioLink explorer

VCG.AI uses the data provided and collected in combination with the knowledge of viable value chain models to find cross-regional and cross-sectoral business opportunities called Biolinks

VCG.AI analyzes 1,000s of data points and filters through 1,000s of possible opportunities to find the best possible BioLinks for every individual company

Step 3


The most efficient circular and resilient upstream and downstream market opportunities for individual companies and entire value chains in seconds!


You now have the oportunity to join the largest bioeconomy collaboration network




bioeconomy companies


of data points


of value chain opportunities

Network managers

Working with industry clusters, regional development agencies, business associations, and circular economy networks.

Size the world of opportunities!

Make network collaboration more efficient than ever before

• Participate in the largest collaborative bioeconomy network and support your members to develop more resilient and circular value chains

• Map your network and gain a better understanding of your members’ resources streams and related challenges

• Discover unidentified synergies between companies in your network

• Discover new cross-cluster and cross-regional value chain opportunities for your members

Clusters welcome aboard!

All company networks joining VCG.AI in 2022 get an annual license for free in this limited time offer.


Projects on value chain mapping and development, cross-cluster & cross-regional collaboration, industrial symbiosis, and circular economy projects.

Boost networking & collaboration in your projects to drive real results

What is VCG for projects

VCG.AI provides the digital infrastructure for facilitating value chain collaboration and development to project stakeholders.

How can it be used

Implementation in existing, up and running projects


We provide the digital infrastructure to the project partners and stakeholders


We provide the digital infrastructure to the project partners and stakeholders, upgraded and adapted to the project

Let's team up!


German federal project

BESTROCAL disseminates VCG.AI in Germany to inspire further German cluster institutions, regional developers, and business promoters to build new regional bio-based value chains.

Led by ChemiCluster Bayern


Baden-Wurttemberg State Ministry project

Danube Alliance project supports SMEs in the Danube region to form more resilient and circular bioeconomy value chains


Meet the Team

Jon Goriup

Michael Keller
Head of network & projects

Beat Wolf

Andreas Fisher
Chief Scientist




Mateja Dermastia
Value chain & circular economy expert

Cutting edge technology development partner

Institute of Complex Systems (iCoSys) at the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, Switzerland, provides invaluable support in the development of leading AI, ML, and big data technologies that empower VCG.AI

Anteja ECG
Project implementation partner

 Anteja is specialized in designing policies and regional strategies, assessing and developing clusters and value chains, and putting into action macro-regional approaches.

Chemi Cluster Bayern
VCG development partner

A leading German cluster focusing on connecting the Bavarian chemical industry. ChemiCluster Bayern has been among the first adopters of VCG.AI and is actively contributing to the development of great cluster

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