We are the team behind VGC.AI

Making changes, that really affect the future of our planet and all life on it for the better, is hard. Taking concrete steps are even harder to execute. That is why many talk about circular economy, closing loops, sustainable development and change nothing.

As a team of experts in circular bioeconomy, digital technologies and business, we are committed to minimize environmental risks and accelerate the transition to green economy by developing incredible solutions for those that can make a real impact.

Meet the Team

Jon Goriup

Beat Wolf

Mateja Dermastia
Circular business

Andreas Fischer
Chief scientist


Michael Keller
Head of network

Nicolas Feyer
AI & ML engineer 

Damien Goetschi
Senior engineer

Christina Peters
Bioeconomy data scientist

Gašper Božič
Circular technology solutions

Veronika Levak
Bioeconomy analyst

Miha Škrokov
Circular bioeconomy consultant

Advisory Board

Simon Belak
Data driven company entrepreneur

Jure Tomc
Serial entrepreneur
and business developer

Ilaria Re
Biotechnology and innovation management 

Julij Božič
Digital transformation specialist

Damir Opsenica
Business development
& digital solutions

Dr. Theresa Dörres
Technology and sustainability management