Case studies

Discover the inspiring examples of circular transformation.

KOTO Waste Management

Challenge Company KOTO, a prominent player in the waste management sector based in Slovenia, aimed

WFG Heilbronn Region

Challenge The WFG Heilbronn is grappling with the challenge of leading and supporting its regional

Business Upper Austria

Challenge: Business Upper Austria is confronted with the expectation to guide and assist regional industries

Our Partner: PLU Brewery, part of the Heineken Group

Challenge: The brewery faces a challenge in maximizing the value of its spent grain, traditionally



Horizon Research and Innovation Project. VCG.AI will support National Bioeconomy hubs as a future platform

Danube Alliance strengthens SME competitiveness in Danube region with VCG

Danube Alliance supports SMEs in the Danube region to form more resilient and circular bioeconomy

BE STROCAL! disseminates VCG in Germany and connects German bioeconomy actors

German federal project. BE STROCAL! disseminates VCG.AI in Germany to inspire further German cluster institutions,