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BE STROCAL! disseminates VCG in Germany and connects German bioeconomy actors

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As German industrial companies begin to transform into more circular and resilient businesses, they need to increase their ability to find circular bioeconomy partners beyond their industries. BE STROCAL! disseminates Value Chain Generator (VCG) in Germany to increase networking between the bioeconomy actors and to inspire them to build new bio-based value chains. The project’s title BE STROCAL! stands for BioEconomic regions grow through STROng loCAL value chains.

Besides inspiring German cluster institutions, regional developers and business promoters to use VCG, this smart technology based on AI and ML, the aim of BE STROCAL! is also to increase networking of German bioeconomy actors. Thus, training sessions and coachings are organised about the use of VCG for interested clusters, as well as support given to project partners to jointly develop new circular and bio-based value chains and initiate fruitful networking exchanges.

The project is led by the Chemie Cluster Bayern and funded through the “Bundesprogramm Transnationale Zusammenarbeit” by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI).

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