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VCG.AI at Ecomondo 2022

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The Value Chain Generator (VCG), AI & Big Data platform with the largest database of circular bioeconomy value chain models (BioLinks) and circular technology solutions, enables clusters, companies, technology providers, project managers to find untapped business opportunities in circular economy and bioeconomy. Today, the tool will be presented at the Ecomondo 2022 trade show in Rimini, Italy.

More and more companies, technology providers and project managers are adopting VCG to benefit from its vast network of circular economy and bioeconomy stakeholders and search for innovative circular solutions, business leads or information on circular value chain models. At the Ecomondo, we will be showing you how you can use the tool to your best advantage.

VCG promotional poster for the Ecomondo 2022 trade show.

The transition to a circular economy is a challenge for many companies. Those that have bioresources and residual materials in abundance, face difficulties in finding upstream and downstream buyers for them. Due to a lack of knowledge, technologies, human resources and time, companies are struggling to develop new circular business models and market opportunities to establish viable circular value chains.

Digital technologies, however, play an important role in fostering a circular economy. VCG empowers companies, clusters and business support organizations to explore and develop new value chain models by matching production inputs and outputs across industries. With the use of AI and Big Data, it processes large volumes of data and finds the right circular solution for your business in seconds.

VCG is perfect for industry clusters, regional development agencies, business associations, looking to participate in a large network of bioeconomy actors to support their members in adopting circular and bio-based business models. Technology providers can get a cross-regional industry exposure by promoting their circular technology solutions through VCG. Circular bioeconomy project managers can bring their project results to the market by using the VCG platform for collecting and sharing data, networking and matchmaking.

At the Ecomondo trade show, VCG will be presented by the representatives of Anteja ECG and Fraunhofer Italia, two of fourteen project partners in the Interreg AlpLinkBioEco project, where VCG was created in 2021. The representatives of both companies will attend the session “Operational and assessment tool for the management of materials and energy in a circular economy” with the poster “Digital tool to foster circular economy and sustainably close broken value chains”.

If you are interested in learning more about the tool, visit us today at Padiglione A6, Sala Tiglio. We will be delighted to answer any questions.

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