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How VCG.AI is Leading the Way in Circular Economy and Sustainability

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“As concerns about climate change and resource scarcity continue to grow, companies are increasingly looking for innovative solutions to minimise waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while still maximising profitability.”Mateja Dermastia, Circular Value Chain Expert

As the industrial sector becomes more aware of sustainability and resource scarcity problems, a circular supply chain generator was created by Stuttgart-based company VCG.Al, is leading the way with its use of artificial intelligence to create advanced circular value chains that minimize greenhouse gas emissions and waste disposal while maximising profitability. 

Many digital tools in the circular economy space only provide project-based databases, but VCG.Al is different. By running vast amounts of data through neural networks and big data capabilities, VCG.Al is able to classify waste and residual streams and match companies based on their input materials needs, their outputs, as well as the capacity to invest. This enables the platform to create robust, yet feasible zero-waste supply chains that minimise GHG emissions.

VCG.Al’s strength lies in its embedded knowledge from the most advanced technologies that minimise waste disposal and GHG emissions. The platform is intuitive to use, even for those without a scientific background, and its visual interface allows for hyper-customization and visualization.

Cross-industrial application of VCG.AI

VCG.Al‘s effectiveness has been proven in its use by cluster managers, who have been able to fully explore different possibilities and make faster and informed decisions. The platform has also been utilized by manufacturers and infrastructure developers to optimize their investments in process improvements and shared green infrastructure.

VCG.AI enabling companies to reduce CO2 through Value Chain mapping

By establishing a direct buying and selling connection between companies on different parts of the value chain, VCG.AI aims to contribute 30,000 tons fewer CO2 emissions and 100,000+ tons less waste by the year 2025. 

VCG.Al’s goals on environmental impact are backed by its innovative use of AI technology to create zero-waste supply chains. These achievements showcase VCG.Al’s commitment to making an impact on sustainability while also maximising profitability for businesses.

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